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Trains Changed the West by Ginny Eckley and Susan Ennis.

The Homestead Act of 1862 gave women who were single, widowed, or divorced the chance to own 160 acres of land in the Great Plains. These pioneer women used their art, music, writings, and their sense of humor to create a new life. The American Indians were greatly impacted by Westward Expansion. The inclusion of beadwork in this exhibit acknowledges them. This exhibit features works by Kim Ritter, Janet Bodin, Susan Ennis, Ginny Eckley, and Kay Hendricks—and pays homage to the pioneering women of the past.


The Women of the West Exhibition is available to tour after Nov 2020. Length of rental period is negotiable.
The exhibition is approximately 110 linear feet.
The cost to rent the exhibition is $1,100. This includes shipping to the venue. The venue must insure the work for $100,00 while it is in the venue’s possession. The venue will take all care repacking the exhibition and pay for insured return shipping.

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