About Us

Ginny Eckley, Susan Ennis, Kim Ritter, Kay Henricks, Janey Bodin

GINNY ECKLEY AND SUSAN ENNIS had successfully created several collaborative art quilts when they decided to ask KIM RITTER to collaborate with them. After many false starts, they decided to create works in the western theme that Kim was already working on and to try out some of the digital printing options Kim had been using since 2004. They added their own spin by painting and stenciling on top of the printed layer. 

JANET BODIN joined the group a year  later, creating 7 art dolls. She creates the dolls down to the tiniest details like hand made boots and lace stockings. 

Kim Ritter, then realized her quilts would look great with some hand beading, and she asked her mother,  KAY HENDRICKS to add beadwork to her quilts. Kay has been making and collecting western beadwork 40 years. She has a world class collection of Native American art, jewelry and beadwork. 

In 2019 the exhibition was selected by International Quilt Festival to tour to their shows in Houston and Pittsburg.

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